Monday, November 22, 2010

More toddler talk

Sitora's latest "sayings"... just couldn't help but share some more with everyone.

"Oh goodness I boke it." (aka: broke)

"Oh mommy, cute hair!"

"Gimme dat."

"Oh, sorry momma. Welcome."

"Wha happen?"

"Coffee yummy."

"Leggo!" (aka: let go)

"Playing Daddy?" (aka: I want to play with Daddy)

"Oooo, pretty fowers." (aka: flowers)

"Baby princess? Ya! Daddy princess? Ya!"

"Casey, come here!" (Yes, somehow she knows my name.)

After falling down Sitora says, "MOMMA! Baby bonka da head!"

Mommy- "Sitora, what's your name?"
Sitora- "Name!"
Mommy- "No, I mean, who are you?
Sitora- "You!"
Mommy- "No, you are Sitora. Say, 'Sitora'."
Sitora- "Tora!"

The toddler talk is rapidly increasing around this house! :)


  1. :). You probably the most amazing mother Casey! Hope you are doing well!

  2. I know we don't really know each other but just wanted to say I really love reading your blog and your little girl is adorable! =D