Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with those you love dearly. We celebrated with close friends, enjoyed yummy American food, and shared what we were thankful for and what we were looking forward to this next year.

This Thanksgiving for me personally was a very sentimental holiday. For some reason, something snapped inside my heart and I was suddenly filled with Mother-like instinct to make crafts, decorations, and gifts for the holiday! Never before have I been like that. Maybe it's because now that we are really on our own without family near, I feel more responsibility to make the holidays special and meaningful for my husband and daughter.

I made these stand-up decorations for all of the ladies in the group at Thanksgiving dinner. I  printed out the picture template from this gal's amazingly creative blog (she has lots of great ideas, you should check it out) then colored in the bird and leaves (my printer was out of color ink, sadly). I then glued the picture onto a small piece of cardboard (recycled package we got from America!), and also glued ribbon on the sides. I tied a hemp bow and glued that on top. You can't see the back, but I just glued a smaller piece of cardboard on the back to make it stand up.

I printed out this template from the same blog here and made covers for candy bars as gifts for the men and children. It was a total hit- I was surprised how much the kids loved them!

Here's a beautiful shot of fall leaves in front of some apartments by our house. I've got to find beauty where I can, folks, even if its difficult.

I printed out these letters spelling "Give Thanks" from this website here (the Give Thanks Bunting and Acorn Appeal free-bees) and made a banner to hang. It was SO EASY because all I had to do was print them out, punch out holes on top, string some hemp through, and tada! All done :)

Isn't the art on these banner letters intricately delightful?!

This letter was by far my favorite! This squirrel just makes me giggle :)

This is my entrance display when you first walk into our home. There are two little scarecrows, a few candles, a gourd from the local market, and some pine cones I've collected over the week! My favorite is the "Give Thanks" cloth underneath.

Gotta love this pumpkin candle! The fake autumn leaves add such a nice touch.

The gang's all here!!! I'm so thankful we have amazing friends to spend Thanksgiving with. 

Sitora's best buddy made her a turkey- isn't it cute? I asked Sitora what a turkey says and she replied, "Bock bock! Bobble bobble! Goggle goggle!" Poor girl, so many animal noises to learn and so little time.

Our best attempt at a family shot, oh well :)

Let's just say we had an AMAZING team of ladies who really know how to cook and decorate!

Everyone had a place card and gift. The ladies all received my homemade November stand-up craft, and someone else provided the pretty towels as well (tying it with a ribbon gave such a nice touch!)

When I was asked what I am thankful for at dinner, I said:

I am thankful for Father who loves me passionately despite my weaknesses, for my prince charming Danny, and for my strong-willed/leadership potential Princess Sitora. 

May you remember this season that Father is the only one who can satisfy our hungry hearts. Nothing in this world will bring you total fulfillment except Him and Him alone.

Matthew 5:6- The Message Bible

"You're blessed when you've worked up a good appetite for God. He's food and drink in the best meal you'll ever eat."

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