Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hair Q&A with Casey!

Alright girls, here I am, at your service, comb in hand and hairspray ready.

After the suggestion by my good friend Elisa, I've decided to regularly dedicate posts to your hair questions!

I've had three hair questions since the beginning of my blog. I will answer those three now, and feel free to comment with YOUR hair questions on this blog entry and I will answer every single question!

1. Ok, so usually I shower, wash my hair and then I just want to style my hair without blow drying it. Usually I just put it in a bun but then it dries funny and my hair is always super frizzy. So I was thinking of doing the loose messy braid side of the head thingy so my hair could dry like that and then maybe it would look decent when I took it out.
 I have a couple ideas for you. One idea is after showering, put your hair in two loose braids (if you can french braid them, even better). If you have some gel, scrunch a tiny bit into your hair before braiding. Wait a few hours and let it dry. Even if your hair isn't completely dry in a few hours, that's ok. When you take out the braids you will have beautiful relaxed waves in your hair - tada! 

My other idea would be to scrunch your hair with gel and let it dry. Don't comb your hair after the shower, just gently pull the snarls apart with your fingers. That way you will have wavy hair that won't look frizzy when dried. You can then pin a section of your hair back with bobbypins. In the picture below I had curled my hair- not scrunched it, but you can see how I pulled the top section back with bobbypins (just to give you an idea how to pin it back).

After pinning your hair back, you can either leave the rest down, or then pull it back into a ponytail. This is an easy way to spice up the typical ponytail. You can do this hairstyle even if you have bangs, just pin them back!

Or instead of pinning your hair back, you can do a small french braid across your forehead. You can secure the french braid between your eyebrow and ear with bobbypins, or a clear colored elastic. In the picture below I added a cute flower clip to give it some zazz. (My hair is scrunched with gel in the picture below.)

You can also do this hairstyle that I posted previously on my blog. After french braiding a small section of hair along your forehead, pull all your hair together in a side messy bun.

Or if you don't want to pull it into a messybun, just make it into a side ponytail. Then take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic. After the hair is completely wrapped around and covers the elastic, pin it with a bobbypin. 

2. All of these styles look cute on you two, but my little girl has a very high forehead with a thick swatch of bangs. Any suggestions besides the normal or piggy french braids?

My suggestion to you would be maybe you could start growing out your daughter's bangs. You can pull her bangs to the side and secure with a cute clip during the growing-out phase. Then slowly as her bangs grow out you can start french braiding them into the rest of the hair. 

If you don't want to grow out her bangs, you can still do the side french braid idea I posted previously with this picture below. Just start the side french braid behind her bangs. It actually might look really cute to have the bangs in the front of the braid!

This idea is also really fun for little girls. Even if your daughter has bangs, you can still do two cute little french braids behind the bangs, then bring the braids together in the back. Secure them together with an elastic and then add a bow or ribbon to match the outfit. Perfecto!

To spice up the usual piggytails or french braids, you could do a zig-zag part down the middle of your daughter's hair instead of a straight-line part. 

3. How do you do your hair with those big pretty curls? Do you use a curling iron or curlers? It looks awesome! 

 In order to get the big curl effect, I find it easier to use a curling iron. First, make sure your hair is completely dry. Then spray with hairspray (clip your hair up in sections while you hairspray in order to get every part covered). Wait for the hairspray to dry, then brush it out completely. Use a small to medium sized curling iron barrel (don't use a big barrel, or else the curls won't stay). Clip your hair up in sections once again and start from the bottom layer. Take a small section of hair and spiral curl it, starting from your roots, and work your way down to the ends of your hair. Don't hold the curling iron on the hair for very long, just slowly make your way down the hair shaft. Unclip each section of hair and continue. When curling around your face, i'ts very important to curl away from your face. This will help frame your face and keep the curls springing back, instead of towards your head. After curling your hair, gently shake your head from side to side and turn your head over and throw your head forward and back (imagine the Hokey Pokey - put your head in, your head out, you get the picture). This is to break apart the curls softly (as apposed to using a comb or your fingers). Gently spritz your hair with hairspray, but don't use too much! Afterward, you can pin a small section back with bobbypins, put a headband in, or just leave your hair down.

Well, this concludes my first Hair Q&A blog post. Comment below with your hair questions and I'll dedicate my next post to answering them all! 

Live life to the fullest, love Father and others well, and look cute while you're at it!


  1. hey Casey!
    Thanks so much for the ideas! I love them!
    I was wondering two things--
    Do you have any ideas for a casual school day hair look?
    And do you use protective spray on your hair when you curl it or is that not necessary?
    again- some GREAT ideas you have!

  2. How do you French braid? I can regular braid, but I have never been able to French braid!!!

  3. hey Casey, i really want to know how you do this kind of fantastic hair stylies.