Thursday, October 21, 2010

Musings of a toddler

Sitora has been saying the most redonculous things lately. I chuckle to myself all. the. time. Too bad I'm home all alone most times with no one else to chuckle with me! When SuperDan comes home I can't wait to recite word for word every mischeviously adorable comment that flows from her pretty pink lips!

Last night while putting Sitora to bed we overheard a cat fight outside (sadly, this is common due to the many strays roaming the coartyard.) Sitora shouts, "Baby crying!" ...pause... "Kitty cat crying!" ...pause... "Monkey?" ...pause, pause, pause... "All done."

Whenever I tell Sitora to ask nicely for something, she sweetly remarks, "Please thank you welcome!"

Yesterday Sitora pointed to Daddy's mole on his chest and compassionately said, "Oh, dirty!"

All of a sudden, for no apparent reason, Sitora will cover her face, close her eyes, blurt out, "FUNNY", then giggle about some invisible abstract humorous item I am not aware of. Angels maybe? ;)

This is what it sounds like when she counts. "One, tuuu, tree, fo, fife, six, seben, aye, nigh, TEN!"

Sitora tries to sing her ABC's. She does a pretty good job. When she gets to "LMNOP" she sticks her tongue out and goes, "La la la LO peee!"

I tripped on the sidewalk the other day and she stated, "Mommy, careful!"

Mommy- "Sitora, please pick up your toys."
Sitora- "Ok fine."

Sitora likes to fall backwards onto things, and she often shouts, "Oh! Bonk head."

We recently showed her a movie called, "Fantastic Mr. Fox". She can't say "fox" quite right.... she pronounces the "x" like "k". So we stopped watching that movie....

A few days ago I somehow found 2.4 seconds to myself to take a nice warm bath. Sitora was happily playing in the living room. I closed my eyes and soaked in the delicious smell of vanilla bubble bath from Bath and Body Works. All of a sudden I didn't smell delicious vanilla bubble bath. I smelled poop. My eyes bolted open as I peered over the edge of the bathtub. My toodler grinned at me and squealed with delight, then ran out of the bathroom. "Come here!" I shouted. "You made my bath smell bad!" (Have you ever noticed a poopy diaper on a child can permeate an entire room it seems, even after they've exited?") I ran after her leaving bubble bath trails all down the hallway.  Mommy- "Sitora, are you poopy?" Sitora- "No. Poopy bye-bye."

Well, hope you enjoyed the latest edition of "Musings of a toddler"!


  1. oh Casey! I laughed a lot over these, thanks for sharing!!! Your little girl is so beautiful!


  2. Haha...LOVE 'em!! My fav is the Mr. Fox thing. Luke used to say "truck" like this: "FWUCK". ...the first few times he'd say it like that, I was SHOCKED and thought: "WHO TAUGHT MY CHILD DIRTY LANGUAGE!?"

  3. That's hilarious, whatta character! I can't wait for Piper to start talking.