Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Work and rest

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I wasn't in charge of anything. Do you ever wonder that?

There are times when I feel like I'm not giving 100% to my mothering, and then times when I feel like I'm not giving 100% to my work. I wish I could feel that I give 100% to both all the time. It's like there are two sides of me and I have to choose which side to use during the day.

I've never been the type to wish I had a full-time career separate from my husband, nor have I ever wished I didn't have to stay home with my toddler. I love being a housewife, and I desire more time to pour into that to be honest.

I really need to sit down and re-think my life, which I feel like I'm always doing anyways. So many times I say "yes" to something because I can't foresee anyone else taking up the job. The few times I do get the guts to say "no" to something I end up not pleasing someone. I've read the book Boundaries and it really changed my life in college... at least now I know how to say no. It's just that I'm not good at saying it regularly when need-be.

I think my position is an exception to the rule in many cases because our job description includes both of us, not just Danny. I feel guilty for saying no if it's something that someone like me "should do". It's not like back 4 years ago when Danny was a mechanic putting in his 9-5 and then the evenings and weekends were ours. Our whole lives revolve around our position. You have to squeeze in "off time" when you can.

I need a lot of wisdom from Father, courage and faith from myself, and grace from others to help me embrace the healthy rhythms of life I so desperately need.

If you have any advice on how you've embraced boundaries, saying no, and creating healthy rhythms of work and rest, please share a comment with us all :)

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