Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blind Bartemaeus

Had an amazing time at our ladies small group today.

Deep stuff. Deep deep stuff. I like deep. No shallow for me, thank you.

I guess basically what sticks out to me the most from today is the story of Blind Bartemaeus. (Don't know the story? Check out Mark 10:46-52)

Application. How far are we willing to go in order to connect with Father and let Him meet our needs? Are we willing to embarrass ourselves? Or friends? Our family? The people around Bartemaeus were certainly embarrassed of him. They wanted him to be quiet and knock it off.

I'm not talking about us purposefully trying to hurt the ones we love, or purposely trying to embarrass them, or purposefully rebelling. I'm talking about when we do what we know Father is calling us to do no matter what others think we should do.

Many people aren't happy with the fact we've moved far away from home. Many people may be embarrassed of us, that we aren't making 6 figures and storing up treasures for ourselves on earth, that we aren't building a comfortable life for ourselves, that we aren't doing what's normal. ("Once they're done with this little "fling" they'll come back home and start really living life.") Believe me, it's hard giving up all your possessions and moving across the ocean... let alone explaining it to people!

Maybe you feel called to have a big family, to homeschool your children, or to quit your job and employ yourself as a housewife and stay-at-home mom, and people shake their heads in disapproval. Or perhaps you would rather live a simple life working less, owning less, giving more away to those in need, and spending more time with the ones you love, and others criticize your lack of work-a-holic-ness. Or possibly you have a passion or gifting, and it isn't warmly received. Or maybe you value morality and integrity, and others mock your prudence in the name of "getting with the times".

I know its not easy to understand the life we live. Most days I myself don't understand it. But what I do understand, is that I am passionate about knowing my Father and obeying His voice. I know our lives may not make sense to many people. Bartemaeus probably didn't make sense to those around him. But guess what happens at the end of the story? Check it out. Be inspired.

How desperate are you for HIM?

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