Sunday, August 29, 2010



I have them.

And wouldn't you like to know! :)

Soooo... I have some secret dream jobs I'd love to do. And I'm dead serious for all of them. Here they are, listed in no particular order.

1. Wedding planner. Everything. Every single thing. I want to decorate, do everyone's hair, play the music, and take all the pictures. And I wouldn't mind being the DJ either :) Oh how I love weddings!

2. Cheerleading or dance team coach. I. love. to. dance.

3. Travelling musician on tour. I have many songs I've written.... I hope someday I can record them. I have a heart to share how Father has brought me through tough times, in the hopes that someone else can be encouraged.

4. Natural birth and/or lactation consultant. I love babies. I love mommies.

5. Flutist in the symphony. I so miss playing my flute in a band. It is the most amazing feeling to hear all the different instruments come together to make a magnificent production.

6. Professional photographer. I'd like to take some classes and learn more. And maybe someday upgrade to one of those ridiculously humongous cameras.

There you have it. My secret's out!

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