Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photos of the week

Ready, set, shoot!

After a lovely, sunny afternoon with my dear friend taking photos around the city today, I am anxious to share some with you! All these shots have been birthed inside my head for months now. Every time I would walk past artistically-potential areas thinking, "Oo what a great shot! Wish I had my camera..." Well not this time! This time I came prepared. Camera in hand, ideas swimming in my brain, adrenaline rushing through my veins, well, alright you get the picture.

Here you see a picturesque view of the Old City contrasted by a modern fountain in front. Old castle walls meet cutting-edge architecture. I love it. I bet the Prince or Queen or whoever ruled the land would have KILLED for their own personal fountain like this. Too bad they lived in the wrong generation! ;)

Next we have the "slide of death" as I have so creatively named it. This piece of rusty junk is conveniently located right outside my apartment complex doors. Does Sitora want to slide down it? Yes. Does Mommy let her? No. Why? Um... let's just say attempting to slide down would automatically land you a spot in line for an updated tetanus shot.

And there you have it folks! Tune in next time for this blog's "Photo of the week"... even though technically I cheated this week with two photos...

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  1. I think the slide of death should be incorporated into our youth group's activities next time we are at your house...