Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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These are some of my loves.

That's why I decided I am going to post my "favorites" of these categories every week. That way you get a taste of what I like and maybe, just maybe you will get some ideas!

This week's hair-do idea.

Need a quick summer up-do? Don't have time to curl your hair and you just hopped out of the shower? Here's your answer!

Part your hair far to the side (even farther than normal). Part a small section of hair all along your hair line. Pull the rest of your hair up in a temporary pony-tail and let the front part hang down. Divide the hair into three parts and start french-braiding across your forehead. Continue braiding that hair section all the way to the ends. Undo your pony-tail, then re-pull up all your hair together with the french braid. Instead of pulling your hair to the back of your neck, pull it to the side slightly behind your ear. Secure with 2 pony-tails for those with longer/thicker hair. Take the ends of the pony tail and pull them through the pony-tail holder to make a messy bun. Secure any loose ends with bobby-pins, then spritz with hair-spray. You are good to go!


  1. I think we do the same hairstyles, Casey :)

    Except, I cut my hair so I can't do them anymore. :( Which makes me slightly sad, but I'm loving my new do!

  2. Casey, you're amazing! I love that you post cute hair pics for people to try! I tried this one and it worked! Except my hair is just about at shoulder length right now, so pulling all to one side bun doesn't work, so I just modified it and did a little braid on the other side too and now have two messy buns. Thanks for sharing tips!

  3. Well, I already commented on this post, but I'll do another one to enter your fun contest! I've done this hairstyle 3 times in the last 4 days and LOVE it! It's so simple to do (takes like 5 mins) but the result is an elegant 'do that gets a ton of compliments, and it keeps my hair up and out of my face all day, wonderful! Thanks for sharing, keep on giving hair tips, I love them! love ya!

  4. Hi Casey, I just sent you the picture o Hannah on her first day of 8th grade. She looked super cute and a little classy. It was easy to do. The best part was that my "little" girl wanted my help fixing her hair again. That was the part I liked the most :)

  5. So...I am not normally one to try to do things to my hair besides put it in a pony tail or just let it hang down. It's abnormally straight and smooth and usually very difficult to do anything with. However, I thought, what the heck I can give this a try and the worst thing that can happen is that I'll get a neck cramp...well I got the neck cramp but I ALSO was able to form my hair into this hairstyle!!! I am just so excited about the very fact that I was able to do something different and cute with it besides the norm! And I this also caused me to try french braiding for the first time and I think it worked out pretty well! So, I very much enjoyed this challenge that you put out there and I am so glad I took it up and was able to succeed at it!
    -Now if only I can get the stationary too... :D

  6. Great idea! I have been watching videos online lately for "easy up-dos", I love this idea!

  7. =( Tried it. Apparently I cannot french braid my own hair sideways =(