Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh what a day...

Not such a good day. No no.

It started out pretty good actually, but just went downhill from there. Sorry for anyone who's not a mom, mostly my blogs are about mommyhood and such things. Today was my first official day of complete and totally weaning. I've slowly been working towards this for a month or so, but today was it, nada, zilch, the end my friend. Sitora was at her wits end.

It breaks my heart to see my child wanting something so much, something that is good, but she can no longer have it. For any mother out there who has gone through this process, I know you understand.

In the evening my best Azeri friend and I took Sitora to the Boulevard to walk along the Caspian Sea. It took about 2.5 seconds for Sitora to completely lose it and nothing seemed to satisfy her. She couldn't decide what she wanted and no matter what we both tried she cried her little heart out. I couldn't help but notice the stares all around us, I mean, we're already a spectacle as it is, being white blondies and all, and we didn't need this scene to draw any more attention. But, despite it all, I felt a warm sense of calmness come over me. I knew I was doing everything I could, and I know I am a good mother. Sure there are days when I regret something or wish I could have done something better. But deep inside my heart I know He is teaching me daily to parent, and I rest assuredly on that fact. So despite the fact that my child was throwing a tantrum in public (I hear your gasps!), I wasn't embarrassed. Flustered, yes. Embarrassed, no.

So we said goodbye to our friend and took a taxi home. But this wasn't just any ol' taxi ride, let me tell you. No sir-ee-bob. This dude decided to drive like a maniac and got pulled over by the police. I pretended not to understand a lick of Azeri and played my "space cadet American" look. Hey, sometimes being blonde pays in my favor ;)

Eventually the policeman let us go, and we were off again. I breathed a huge sigh of relief, only to realize I'd also breathed in a huge puff of smoke. The taxi driver had the nerve to start smoking while driving with a baby in the back seat. I was boiling inside. Luckily we were minutes from home, so I let it go and rolled down our window.
Soon we were back in the apartment and I was happily giving Sitora a bath. I dried her off and she sprinted down the hallway, naked, as usual. I usually chase her down to put her diaper and pajamas on. But I needed a few minutes to clean up the bathroom this time before I chased her down.

Bad idea.

I'm sure you know where this is going.


She pooped. All over. The house.

Then an adorable stray kitten started crying at my doorstep, piercing my compassionate heart with every sad little meow. I love animals, and it kills me that I can't pet the stray cats. They have all kinds of yucky diseases. The last stray cat I liked and treated kindly pooped on our doormat and ruined it. Then we found it dead on the street the next week. (It broke my heart, seriously.) I was already cleaning a house full of my own child's poop, and the thought of cleaning up more poop outside just didn't seem attractive. So I didn't feed the stray cat. Don't worry, fellow animal lovers, my neighbors always do :)

Luckily, in my moment of sheer heartbreak and mental breakdown, my husband walked in the door and volunteered to put Sitora to sleep for me.

I hope my day made you laugh. I think I will eventually laugh about it, maybe tomorrow :)

My dear sweet Sitora... maybe we should consider potty training... whaddaya think?


  1. poor gal. I am all about potty training early! I start as soon as my kids can sit up. I put them on the little baby bjorn.