Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Language and life

Today was a fun, awkward day.

My best Azeri friend came over to watch Sitora while we left for language class. I always make sure there's time before we leave for us to sit down, drink tea, and chat about life. Between my little Azeri and her little English, we can usually carry on a fairly decent conversation.

It thundered outside while drinking tea, and I jumped with glee like a little girl and ran to the window to look outside.

Then we were off to language class this afternoon, which was a blast, as always :) I feel so lucky that I get the chance to study another language with my husband and our other good friend. I truly enjoy being students together. We chuckle at ourselves when we mess up, we say funny things to our teacher to make her laugh, while actually really trying hard to learn the material at the same time.

After class I took the metro and bus home. I arrived home to find my happy child was fed and content, and my kitchen had been cleaned. WHAT a feeling :)

Then, as I was saying goodbye to my friend, the doorbell rang. To my surprise it was some of my other Azeri friends! I was totally shocked and didn't expect them. Thankfully I had nothing on my schedule for the evening, so I just tried to be cool about it all :) We drank tea, talked about our different cultures, asked each other questions, and laughed at ourselves and our meager language skills.

Then they left.

Again, the doorbell rang.

It was a man. "Should I open it?" I thought. For some reason I did, even though Danny wasn't home. It was a sweet older gentleman telling me that something fell from his balcony on to mine. I went out on the balcony and sure enough, his clothes line had fallen onto our clothes line and was all tangled up. We fixed it, and with a smile he was on his way back up to the 7th floor.

Well I definitely got to practice my language skills today! Nothing like real life to cement it all in.

Aren't my friends beautiful?

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