Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Funny kid quotes

Our little family makes me smile, giggle, lose my sanity, forget to shower, drink lots of coffee, clean nonstop, dance in the living room, and hide in the bathroom brushing my teeth counting down the seconds until, "MOoooOOOOM!" But most of all... they make me thankful.

I hope you get a kick outta these kid quotes. Man, these little munchkins say the cutest things! I forget half of the funny statements they make day in and day out but when I do remember, I love to share them with family and friends :) Keep in mind, Sitora is almost six and Peter is two and a half years old...


Me- "Peter, do your new boots feel good?"
Peter- "Actually, they fit nice."

*Peter starts bawling uncontrollably*
Me- "Bubba, what's wrong?"
Peter- "Sissy knocked me down. On PURPOSE!"

*Peter and I walk outside in the dark*
Peter- "Oh! Who turned da lights off?"
Me- "No one. The sun went down. Now the moon is up."
Peter- "Oh! Da moon turned da lights off!"

*Getting the kids out of the car*
Sitora jumps into my arms and shouts- "Oh mommy, I love you. You are just my favorite 30 year old!"

Sitora-"Oh wow, there's egg nog in the fridge! Daddy is in the Christmas spirit!"
Me- "I bought the egg nog."
Sitora- "Well then YOU are in the Christmas spirit!"

Me- "Sitora, can you go help Peter turn on the faucet to wash his hands?"
Sitora- "If you help Peter turn on the faucet instead I'll make you a coffee."
(Smart, smart girl. Learning the wise ol' trick of negotiation.)

*After placing Peter in his crib, praying together, then turning out the lights and walking out the door*
Me- "Ni-night Bubba. Have a good night sleep!"
Peter- "Have a good night sleep!"
Me- "I love you!"
Peter- "I love you!"
(He seriously melts my heart!)

P.S. Don't you just LOVE these gorgeous photos my mom took of our family last week during our Thanksgiving holiday in downtown Kansas City? These are just a sneak peek- just wait til you see them all :) My mom rocks. Seriously. Poor thing. I teach her how to use a professional camera and lens that weight 1,000 pounds and expect her to figure out all the buttons and doohickey's after a quick 2 second lesson. On top of that my dad had to jump around acting like a crazy person to get the kids to smile. Sheesh. What kind of daughter am I?! LOL! Love you mom and dad ;)

P.P.S. I'm super glad we got to take these in Kansas City because our home in Wisconsin is SNOW covered. We're talking Frozen... with Olaf and everything. It felt like the Bahamas during this photo shoot!

P.P.P.S. I straightened my hair for these photos after asking my hubby and mom's opinion. They both said straight looked better than curly. Actually, my hubby's exact words were, "straight looks more trendy." Well now, apparently I am lacking in the trendy department when I thought curly looked better. I'm getting more and more out of touch with reality. I blame it on the planet I live on called "Motherhood", AKA: "What day is it and is there anything clean for me to wear today?"

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