Friday, February 14, 2014

When not every day feels like Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day. I adore the day of love. I look forward to it all year long and my hubby never lets me down :) He knows me well. I desire nothing more and nothing less than roses, chocolates, and a card. Simply that.

I have grown more in love with my husband as each day passes. Seeing him become a father changed our love and grew it even deeper. Moving across the ocean and back together has fused our hearts as one like never before. Marriage takes work. Diligence. Patience. Compromise. Communication. Honesty. Transparency.

I wrote this song about a year ago as a dedication to our marriage. Whenever I give a card to newlyweds, I write, "Never forget to say, 'I'm sorry' and 'I forgive you' no matter what." We never withhold those words in our marriage. Our rule is: If it hurt your feelings, I won't defend myself and refuse to apologize. We can talk about it after your feelings have been genuinely and sincerely acknowledged.

I decided to record it today in honor of Valentine's Day (via my awesome Andriod phone... aka the poor girl's Nashville).

It's titled I'm Sorry. 

Not everyday feels like chocolates and roses. Sometimes the road is bumpy and the journey takes twists and turns. What matters is not giving up. Holding on. Trusting and believing even when it doesn't feel easy.

If you would like to listen to and download the song, click here.

I'm Sorry
By Casey Gilboy

I want to grow old together
Hold on to me forever
We'll make it through
Just wait and see
Our hearts beat as one

I'm sorry
I forgive you
Let's make up and kiss
And move on from this

I'm sorry
I forgive you
Don't give up on us
Believe in our love, my dear

I can't imagine life without you
Hold my hand
I'm asking you to
Open your heart and give to me
The depths of your soul
I long to see

I waited for you all of my life
You dreamed that I would be your wife
So why would we throw in the towel?
Why would we give up now?

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