Thursday, January 30, 2014

The day of love

I am finally learning here, folks. For the past couple of years holidays and birthdays have just seemed to creep up on me out of nowhere. "Its Sitora's birthday tomorrow? Man, I forgot to take her birthday picture. Christmas already? I haven't even wrapped the presents, let alone taken those cool Christmas lights photos with the kids in their jammies looking all cutesy."

I didn't even take Christmas photos of the kids this year. Mostly because as pastors the Christmas season is seriously crazy business. From parties, to planning the Christmas Eve service, to practicing piano accompaniment for Christmas program specials, the whole month is nuts for us. So, ya, the Christmas photo just didn't happen this year (or last year, or the last....)

So, golly-gee, this year I'm going to be on time for a holiday photoshoot! Last year I took Valentine's pictures of the kids the day after Valentine's Day. Close, but oh so far.

I am two weeks ahead of schedule, folks. I am woman, hear me roar. I'm feeling awesome, very awesome.

Now for the story behind the pictures.


I was going to take those photos today if if was the last thing I did. Nothing was stopping me.

Not even the backdoor being frozen shut.

With 2.5 feet of snow all around the front and back yard. Everywhere.

So I did what any crazy photographer mamma would do. I shoveled a trail all the way from the front door around to the backyard. I'm sure the neighbor plowing his driveway thought I was a few cards short of a full deck.

I pulled the old Christmas tree (it was going to be in a photo, mark my words, even if we missed the Christmas shots!) through the snow and propped it up in place in the backyard.

I trampled down a circle for myself to stand in when I took the pictures.

I hung up hearts all around the Christmas tree, carried my end table through the snow and placed it by the tree, and I brought out a rose and a box of chocolates.

I dressed the kids frantically watching out the window as my precious sunset began to fade into the horizon. (Ahhhh why didn't I start the process earlier? I was literally racing time. ) I curled my daughter's hair in the bathroom while constantly stopping my son from reaching over the bathtub and turning on the bathwater and soaking himself.

I threw on my snow clothes, strung my camera around my neck, gave both kids a Valentine's sucker, picked up my son, and stomped through the trail behind my daughter from the front door to the backyard until we reached the glorious photoshoot location.

I sat them both on the end table, eyed up the lighting situation, and snapped away. Then they started crying because 1.2 minutes was enough out in the cold.

We stomped through the trail back to the front door. I tore off their fancy clothes in fear of the red suckers staining and dripping. Peter ran around the house like a wild man throwing snow that fell off my snowpants and Sitora leaped for the space heater and hugged it's warmth. Then I proceeded to stomp back through the trail and carried the end table and heart props back to the front door.

Then I spotted our good friend plowing our driveway in his truck and I waved. I must have looked like a crazy, insane woman standing there in snow up to my upper thighs carrying furniture and hearts on strings. I had no words and no way to justify myself. Most people probably know I'm a bit nuts by now, so I just shrugged it off.

It was worth it :)

Happy Valentine's Day my dears!

May you feel loved and special by friends, family, or the love of your life.

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