Monday, November 11, 2013

Stones into bread

She makes up her own songs constantly throughout the day. While walking around doing daily, mundane things, I am often accompanied by a sweet little voice trailing behind, singing away without a care.

I am blown away by the maturity and mystery of the songs that pour from my daughter's heart. They are a combination of worship songs mixed with her own heart and soul. The outcome is so sweet and I am often left perplexed and inspired to seek a meaning behind the words, whether or not she even realizes it.

Today's song went something along the lines of this... "Oh Jesus. You didn't turn the stones into bread. You are the only true God. We love you!"

I thought to myself that I've never praised Jesus for that moment in His life. I've never once said, "Wow, thank you Jesus for not succumbing to temptation that day the enemy came to you in the wilderness. You were hungry and yet you still refused to take the devil's advice to turn stones into bread to prove you are God. You knew your identity and stood firm in it. You refused to let your human desires take over. Thank you for Your example to us- for Your perfect leadership! You are the Holy One!"

No. Never have I thought of it that way. But today, I did. Because she sang that song.

I wish I would have written down all of her melodies, but I haven't. The only line that sticks out in my mind from her songs past is:

"Your Holy Spirit makes me beautiful."

 Seriously. This is deep stuff. From the eyes of a child I see so many things differently.

I thought to myself today, how often do I give in to temptation and "turn the stones into bread"? When I'm tired and stressed, do I snap and act impatient? When I'm down and out, do I turn to chocolate or retail therapy to give a temporary high? When I'm lonely do I turn to facebook or friends instead of going to my Creator first and foremost? When I'm offended do I lash out in response? When I'm feeling lazy do I leave the Bible untouched? When I'm uncertain do I take matters into my own hands?

I don't want to make excuses. I don't want to hide under the cloak of, "I deserve it!" Because I don't. I deserve death and eternal punishment, actually. But because of the grace of Jesus I have been forgiven. He deserves my all. I now hide under the cloak of Jesus alone.

No excuses. I want to follow His example. Thank you that you didn't turn those stones into bread, Jesus. You are the Holy One.

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