Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A dream farm wedding

I photographed a wedding last month and I am thrilled to finally show you my favorite shots from the day!

The sweet bride was in our youth group many years ago. She always loved horses so it was no surprise when she told me about the dream farm photoshoot she had planned after the ceremony and reception!

The fields were green, the sky blue, the horses serene and elegant. The bride was glowing and the groom was deeply in love. It was all too perfect.

Not to mention I had a new camera to play with all day. To say I was giddy would be an understatement.

May you get caught up in the dream the same way I was that day :)


  1. Goodness, Casey! These pictures are beautiful! So fantastic and elegant. When I get married, you're definitely the first person I'm coming to :)

  2. Beautiful, Casey!!!:)