Friday, May 24, 2013

There's a nerd inside all of us

Maybe these photos will help bring out your inner nerd. 

I know it's there. Don't pretend I'm wrong.


This, coming from the queen of all nerds. My junior high days were filled with:

marching band
show choir
honor society
girl scouts
extra-curricular math and problem solving clubs
sign language club
no boyfriend/I'm invisible to boys club

I'm still in a band (of a different sort) but I have a permanent boyfriend now (phew). And he sure is a keeper. But I'm still nerdy, deep down inside. Maybe I passed it down to my mini-me? She's so golly-gee cute though... she makes nerd the new cool. Although I think Clark Kent may have started that a while ago...

I set the princess up for this shoot then ran to the other room to get my camera. When I returned she had eaten half the apple.

"What did you do? You ate the prop!"

"I was hungry!"

"Ok, I'll get another apple."

"Alright, look nerdy!"

Click. Click. Clickety click. 

"Mom, are we almost done? These are enough pictures."


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