Thursday, April 4, 2013

First time in the salon

My little princess had her first {official} haircut last week. After my haircut she decided she wanted to donate her hair as well. I gave her a few days to decide and make sure it's what she wanted. In the end she decided on just a trim instead :)

Even though it was "just a trim", she still got about four inches off. She's had trims over the years from my mother-in-law and myself, but this was a special treat. She sat calmly in the chair and I could tell she felt important. She giggled while watching the little dog walking around that belongs to the owner. She also loved talking to the stylist and acting grown up.

I was "that" annoying mother taking pictures of her daughter's first official haircut. I asked permission first, of course :)

The owner collects vintage hairstyling accessories. I was in heaven! My kind of decorating :) 

Her hair is so much easier to comb now with the ends off. Sitora is in a stage right now where she wants to wash and brush her own hair. Her head is extra tender and she ends up crying when I do it. Once in a while I have to help, but for the most part she's on her own. It's harder having her do things herself, but in the end I think it's better for us both. We don't argue over it and she learns to take care of herself.

She's growing up, my sweet girl.

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