Saturday, March 23, 2013

Short hair without the haircut

A few days ago I ran across this blogpost. It shows you how to style your hair "short" even if you have long hair. I was totally inspired right away and ran upstairs to try it.

Fail. Turned out more like an updo instead.

So I tried again yesterday for our date night.

I think it turned out alright. Not exactly like the tutorial but maybe after I practice a few times I'll get it down. I think the problem is that my hair is way longer than the girl on the blogpost.

You can read the blogpost to see how it's done. The things I did differently were:

1. I curled my hair with bigger romantic style waves before pinning it. I wrapped small strands of hair around the curling iron while twisting them at the same time, instead of clamping the hair inside the curling iron.

2. After pinning, I pulled out some hair to give a whispy, casual look.

3. I didn't curl the ends like the tutorial. I just pinned them. Maybe I should try that next time.

For about two years now I've been thinking in the back of my mind that I may want to chop my hair off. The look I'm thinking of is longer in the front (to the shoulders) then going shorter in the back with a few layers. Would that be crazy? I don't know. I'm thinking it would make me look older. 

For our date the hubby and I used a giftcard to our favorite Thai restaurant in a nearby town. Oh how we love Thai food. It's almost as good as actually being in Thailand :) I always order the same thing. Thai Basil Fried Rice. The veggies are fresh and the chicken and rice aren't oily and yucky like most Chinese food. Every bite I savor. I also ordered the sweet Thai coffee. The hubby got Sesame Chicken and it was so crispy and delicious. We shared, of course :)

Then we drove to the next town to see a movie. I kept thinking to myself, "This is so weird. We don't have kids with us. We can talk about whatever we want. No one is crying or asking for me or needing something from me." We haven't been on a date since my parents came to visit in January. It took a good hour for me to settle into the date- it's like my mind is still in "mom" mode and "high alert" mode. Finally I was able to completely relax and just enjoy the evening. I wonder if any other mom has felt this way, or is it just me?

All in all, it was a great night. I can't wait for our next date... which hopefully isn't another two months away!

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