Monday, December 10, 2012

Scrapbook picture frame DIY

Yesterday our family was invited to a super fun triple birthday party for three teens from our youth group (twins and their best friend). It was a full house of laughing, dancing to "Just Dance" (I'm old school... I only know how to do DDR... this new stuff is too high tech!), eating yummy food that I didn't have to make (hehe), talking, and hanging out.

One of my friends giggled and motioned for me to come watch my daughter dancing with the teenagers. I peeked my head in to watch and was totally blown away by how well she can dance. I mean, I already knew she liked to dance, but she can actually follow the moves on the screen and it was pretty impressive. I'm reminded of her constant begging, "Mom, pleeeeeease can I go to ballerina ballet class?"

The day of the party it started snowing here and it ended up being quite the winter wonderland! Our family sat cozy by the fireplace while SuperDan was grinding up venison meat in the kitchen. All of a sudden I realized that I hadn't bought presents for either of the three girls and my blood pressure sky-rocketed! I didn't want to drive in the weather to get a present, so I was going to have to make one. Time to rock the scrapbooking items like never before, baby!

I got out all my supplies and dumped them all across the living room floor. Peter was quietly sleeping and Sitora was watching a movie in her toy room. I knew I had about 45 minutes to put something together and I had to work fast.

I found some old frames that are supposed to be used as a guest book for a party or wedding- you know, the kind where people sign their names all around and the couple's picture is inside? I thought that would be a perfect idea for the girls, except instead of having people sign their names I would make it with a scrapbook style and Bible verse! Wallah, my idea was slowly coming to life. That's usually how I work with crafts. I set all my supplies in front of my, let my brain-wheels start turning, then I furiously attack the project without not really knowing how it will turn out.

I started by cutting out pieces of scrapbook paper to cover the white frame. Then I glued on different colors of ribbon, used some scrap-booking embellishments and stickers, used pop-out letters to spell their names, then wrote this Bible verse on every frame:

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper
you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

I was happy with how they turned out and hope the girls enjoy them. The nice thing about a picture frame is that it can go with you throughout life, and as friends change and seasons change, you can change the photo inside.

My good friend in moms group last week mentioned how her pastor encouraged her congregation to not give any gifts this Christmas that didn't use thought and careful consideration. What a timely word! As I was rummaging through my house looking for items I've bought for presents, I just felt that making something would be more heartfelt and sincere. 

This friend also told me how she is making something similar to this idea for all her children for Christmas. She is making a big frame with each child's life verse, then pictures of each child that go along with the verse. What a neat idea, huh? I would love to do that for my children. I think that will be my next project. 

Here are some pictures of my scrap-booking mess! As you can see, I'm using one of Peter's wooden toys as a table for my supplies. And our wood for our fireplace sits in an old Pampers box... Oh the life of parents... :)

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  1. Fun! Love your scrapbooking stuff. I also like how organized you are. =) Need to steal a few pointers there. My crafty things are all over and I can never find anything.