Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Some days...

are just like this.

I wake up, take care of the kids, try to clean the house, feed everyone, make cookies, and still feel like I did nothing! Do you ever feel that way? Our house (which is a huge blessing) is also very roomy, so I am constantly trying to keep up with everything. I feel like I clean it one day, and the next day it's chaos! What's up with that? Well I guess I'd rather have lots of love and excitement and mess in my house rather than boredom and cleanliness.

SuperDan left for work while I fed Peter some yummy homemade baby food (mashed sweet potatoes). He tries to grab the spoon and bowl while I'm attempting to shovel mashed nutrition into his mouth. He's a quick one, he is. Most of the time baby food ends up everywhere except his mouth.

At the same time as the food situation is happening my 3.5 year old daughter is standing on my legs playing with my pontytail and flipping it into my face while singing a song she just made up. Then as I shove a spoonful of food into Peter's mouth he decides to sneeze all. over. me.


Sitora stops jumping on my legs and puts my pontytail down to give me a word of advice. "Mom, Peter would never sneeze on me because I'm his big sister."

I laughed. That's just about all I could muster up at that point.

The day went on and we carried on our merry little way like usual. Then a nerve in my lower back started killing me like crazy. It does that once in a blue moon ever since I was first pregnant with Sitora. Usually if I sit down with the electric massager and rest a while it goes away. But not this time. I even held Peter for one of his naps the entire time and watched Sitora play with her Littlest Pet Shop Bobbleheads. Still hurts.

The living room is a huge mess and so is my bedroom. I can't clean them because the nerve pinched (or whatever you call it). These are the moments I try to be thankful for and relish in the time spent with my children.

Some days are just like that. And that's okay.

Here's to baby food on your face :)

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