Monday, September 3, 2012

Funny Sitora story...

Sitora- (While looking through our wedding album she cries)
Nana- "What's wrong?"
Sitora- "I wasn't invited to the wedding. See? All my family and friends are here and I'm not!"
Nana- "Honey, you weren't born yet."
Sitora- "Oh that's right! Now I remember. I was in my mommy's tummy!"

AHHHHHH!! Sitora was born after we'd been married 2.5 years! We saved our purity for marriage.

Oh my goodness- this child of mine sure likes to tell stories!!!

I died laughing when my mom told me this story. Seriously, this little munchkin keeps us on our toes on so many levels!

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  1. I love this girl. She will definitely keep you on your toes. When my niece was little she used to tell people that her mom was 30 and her dad was 13. So at least she isn't using ages yet.
    Love you guys.