Saturday, August 11, 2012

Surprise date!

The hubby and I have needed a date for quite some time now.

We rarely leave our children. Ever.

Pretty much never.

But I decided that it was critical to our romantic sanity to go see a movie we've both been excited about. The new Batman.

But I wasn't about to plan just any ol' date. No sir-ee. I schemed with my good friend and we came up with a surprise date for SuperDan. I told him that we were going to her house for dinner with her family. The truth? We were really going to drop our children off at their house and leave for an awesome date!

So we arrived at their house and I told my husband, "We have a surprised planned for you honey! We're not really here for dinner. They are babysitting and we're going out to see a movie!"

The look on his face was priceless. He was totally stunned! And any of you who know my husband, know that it is extremely difficult to surprise him. He figures EVERYTHING out. Don't get me started on all the things I've tried to to surprise him with that didn't work...

He was totally blown away and that made me happy. Rarely do I get the chance to pull something off like this.

I made little homemade tickets that said, "Admission for two," and "Romantic dinner before the movie." Cheesy, I know. But cute nonetheless :)

Our kids had a blast. We had a blast. Win-win situation.

We need dates more often :)

Here is our "after date" photoshoot. We were in a goofy mood. Five hours without children will do that to you I guess!

My "hot date" hair idea came from this website.

Now it's back to mommy-land. Homeschool and pirate princesses, spit-up and diapers.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. That's so great, way to go Casey! Your hair looks AMAZING! It's when I see cute 'dos like yours that makes me miss my long hair just a teeny bit! But I love it short and it's so much easier!

    Great job investing in your marriage and making the time to go out on a date! We'll watch your kiddos so you can go out whenever you make it up here to Alaska!