Thursday, July 12, 2012

Operation organization: on hold

Señorita woke up with a fever last night and was sick all day today.

Then this mamma started feeling achy in the afternoon... go figure. You cuddle a sick child and pretty soon you've joined 'em! You gotta love it :) So my agenda was to organize like a mad woman all day. Ha! Not so much. I spent the day taking care of my daughter and myself, and praying that Peter wouldn't get sick.

Our neighbor gave us a peach cobbler today. Can you say yum? Apparently she's won many awards for her baking and has been on The Today Show! Living here is gonna work out juuuuust great :) It is so delectable I can hardly stand it. Yes I'll take a pie any day please! Any day at all :)

Sitora and Peter just hung out around the house while we scurried this way and that unpacking boxes the past few days. (Of course I check on them about every 1.5 seconds!) They do a pretty good job of rollin' with the punches. Poor kids have had a lot of transition lately. Can you tell my daughter doesn't have many toys? She's playing with stickers. Those stickers have now showed up around the house in funny places, like, my leg. When did that get there??

Here is our 3 season sunroom. You can see the lake in the front and the marsh in the back... it feels as if you are really outside. We have placed all the toys in here for now since the weather allows it.  It is so peaceful and bright :)

The dining room has no place for dining (aka: no furniture), so for now the littles play there too. Isn't this toy darling? It reminds me of the toys at the doctor's office waiting area. It is wooden and simple. If this was the only toy we owned I think Sitora would still find a way to entertain herself with it endlessly.

Our living room. Covered in boxes. Can't wait to get these outta here!

I love this in the kitchen! It is homey and sweet. I like the sage green color too.

By the sink I chose to put up pictures from our engagement and wedding to remind us of our beginning love for each other. The days when the dishes pile up and the kids are needy, it's calming to stop and look at these photos. It reminds me to focus on what is important and not get caught up in the trials of life.

Our kitchen has a small dining area with this shelving above. I decorated it with artifacts we've collected overseas. On the far left you can barely see a square vase filled with sea shells. Those shells come from Africa, Dubai, Cambodia, and Azerbaijan!

I've changed the mantle picture a few times and haven't quite decided which one I want. I adore our fireplace and the cozy feeling you get when you walk in the living room. (Thanks to my sis-in-law for donating the decorative plates she used to decorate the reception at her wedding last year!)

I bought this wooden piece in Ghana, Africa when I was 18. It is three people holding up a globe. As it sits on our mantle it reminds me to pray for the nations.

And my willow tree collection. *sigh* So sentimental. I brought these overseas and back. They will always stay with me. The piano picture was a Christmas gift from my parents when I was in high school. I took it to college, to my first home as a married wife, overseas, and now here on the mantle.

 And last but not least...

Our friend came to the rescue when we discovered a nasty bee problem outside our sunroom.

This. is. awesome.

And that concludes the tour my friends! Tune in next time with more pictures of a hopefully organized home. (With two kids that could take a long time...)

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