Sunday, July 1, 2012


With July 4th comin' round the corner, I just thought I'd share how I feel about the holiday.

We are blessed to have our freedoms in this country. Granted, at the rate things are going politically (cough cough... ehem) we may be losing some of those freedoms. But compared to so many other countries, we are blessed with a capital B.

So many Christians in other nations have to meet secretly to have church. They must keep their Bibles hidden. The possibility of arrest and torture is always on the horizon. They are persecuted, mocked, and ostracized for their faith. They literally have given all for the sake of knowing Christ.

And yet here in America (and other Western nations), we have the freedom to believe how we wish. We can chose what church to attend. We can choose what version of the Bible to buy. Shucks, we can even choose what color or style for our Bible! We have Bible studies, small groups, and services to choose from. We have study materials, worship music, and sermons to listen to. The knowledge of God is at our fingertips and all it takes is for us to reach out and grab it.

And yet so many days we let the Bible sit untouched on the nightstand. We choose music that glorifies the world and it's desires instead of music that encourages us in our faith. We sleep in on Sunday mornings and skip the small groups so we can watch TV or run errands. I'm talking to myself here as well- I've been just as much to blame as anyone else. I've taken my faith for granted. And for that I am deeply regretful.

I think of others who do not have the privileges I have here, and it convicts me. It gives me a little kick in the backside to get in gear and shape up.

Next time you look at your Bible, think to yourself, "Someone in another country would do anything to have a Bible, and if they do, it is their most precious possession. Am I taking every opportunity possible to grow closer to Jesus and serve Him today?"

Happy July 4th week! May we remember not only our country's freedom this week,  but our spiritual freedom and the price Christ paid for our salvation!

What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus!

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