Friday, April 27, 2012

Rummage sale deals

Awe, rummage sales. The glory of summer.

I spent all the cash in my wallet, so I started digging into SuperDan's wallet after that. The deals were just too good to pass up :) I couldn't resist...

I didn't take any pictures of my glorious buys- sorry about that. All I can think about is this baby coming, so I'm lagging behind in the photography department these days. Although my mind is racing with thousands of photoshoot ideas for when little man arrives!

Here is a list of my gently used merchandise :)
  1. Vintage red and white polka-dot dress (um, can't wait to fit into that after baby belly goes bye-bye!)
  2. Vintage brown high heels with amber stone by the toes (my feet are too swollen for them now, but soon and very soon...)
  3. Brown maternity sweater (I will still need it while loosing baby fat)
  4. Adorable black maternity dress (I think it will work as a normal dress too)
  5. Baby boy clothes
  6. Clothes and a pair of shoes for Sitora (My fav? A Chinese-looking dress! AH! Love it.)
  7. Wooden learning toy with all sorts of awesome parts. The top looks like what they have in doctors' offices for kids (with the winding bars with shapes you can move around). The sides are puzzles, a clock, and the old-school style counting sliders. I love wooden toys!
  8. Dora movie about being a big sister (Totally perfect for my princess at this time!)
  9. Printer (SuperDan got it just to resell the ink cartridge... he's a genius)
My poor sweetheart has pink eye, so we are thankful that little man hasn't come yet. She is recovering, so hopefully by the time he arrives she will be healed. It's so sad to see her wake up with green goopy eyes every morning :( I had pink eye when I lived in Cambodia and I couldn't open my eyes for a week. I'm not kidding. It was absolutely a nightmare. So when Sitora woke up screaming the other night because her eyes hurt, I completely understood her pain. Every time you blink it feels like sandpaper scraping your eyes. Ya, pretty much the worst thing ever.

There's not much left to get ready for baby. I've organized and reorganized the same things I organized a million times. My nesting instinct is driving me insane, because I have no space to nest! I think I'll re-paint my fingernails tonight. I grew them out and french-manicured them so they will look pretty when baby comes. I usually keep my nails short because I play guitar... but when your belly is a bowling ball the good ol' guitar doesn't fit so well on your lap.

I plan on hitting many more rummage sales this summer after we move. Can't wait to start our new adventure and start making a house a home :)

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