Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Our little princess turned three last week. I can't believe three years ago I met her for the first time. It seems like I've known her all my life. Funny how three years can change your whole world...

She is in love with Tinkerbell, so of course I had to buy the Tinkerbell candles I saw at the store. And of course she had to wear her Tinkerbell costume: green dress, wings, spunk and all. Notice that chocolate cake next to the Tinkerbell cake? That was for my dad - we celebrated his birthday as well. Except he got the totally awesome candle from Baku that is waaaay illegal to sell in America. It is like a mini fireworks display. So dangerous, and so yet mesmerizing. (FYI- No children were hurt in the production of this birthday candle display.)

Her pile of presents. Can you guess which items she was most excited to open? Her princess underwear from Nana and some rocks from 7 year old Sophia (yes, plain old rocks). Kids are simple you know?

Our attempt at a family photo. Sitora wanted to wear her new dress from Great Grandma Barbara so I raced downstairs to get a matching hair flower. I'm a little picky that way :)

Notice SuperDan in his Packers jersey? Ya, the party was right after Green Bay's loss. We were totally mortified, but Sitora's party lifted our spirits.

This was Sitora's first birthday that was only for family members. For her first and second year parties I totally went all out- decorations, tons of food, friends, games, party favors, you name it. It was super fun planning those parties in Baku and inviting all our friends, but this year it was nice to go simple. She still felt just as special and loved having her family members there.

One tradition we continued from past years was playing Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey. I seriously love this game and we will be playing this every single year for Sitora's birthdays if I can help it!

Another year past. Another year ahead. So much to be thankful for :)

Here's my princess at her birthday photoshoot- I know I already posted it yesterday but I just love it so much it's getting a rerun :)

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