Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vintage finds

While living overseas I would just drool over blogs where girls shared how they found vintage items at consignment stores and the like. I wanted to thrift store shop so. badly.

Now that I'm here... in the land of thrift stores galore... I can shop my little vintage heart out! Well, mostly window shop :) Have you seen the prices of vintage items these days? Sheesh! They are old for goodness sake! I only go for the deals. But I still dream over the items I can't afford.

Here are my favorite finds so far.

1. Pride and Prejudice Novel by Jane Austen
2. Northanger Abbey Novel also by Jane Austen
3. Hat
4. Gloves

    *The bird necklace really isn't vintage... it's from Claire's... but it has the look I am going for.

I used to be against the original Pride and Prejudice movie about nine years ago. I thought it ridiculous and absurd and refused to watch it. When the new movie came out with Keira Knightley a few years ago, I agreed to watch it. Mostly because it was the short version and Keira was in it.

I loved it. Plain and simple.

Two years ago I finally watched the original version with my sister-in-law. Loved it even more.

Two weeks ago I finally read the book. Totally obsessed now.

When I found this copy of Pride and Prejudice I fell in love immediately. Look at the pictures! They are gorgeous.

Ah, the moment we all love. When Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy express their profound love for one another after months of misunderstandings and confusion!

I will now venture into unknown territory and read another Jane Austen novel I have not heard of... Northanger Abbey. Supposedly she never got the chance to see it printed in her lifetime. What a pity! Jane started writing at a time when it was not seen as respectable nor proper for young women to be authors. She wrote anonymously. Now she is honored for her literary classics after her death. Doesn't that always seem to be the case? Important people become even more famous after they pass away.

My hat and gloves. How I love them so!

Yes. I will be wearing them in public soon. I'm just waiting for the opportune moment.


  1. Northanger Abbey is one of my favorites. It's her first novel, but was the last published. You can tell it was her's a little "girly" but I love it!