Friday, August 19, 2011

Goodbye baby house

Today was my last chance to say goodbye to the baby house. It was a sweet time and I was incredibly thankful for the opportunity to snuggle these precious angels one last time. I spent some time explaining to the workers why we have to leave the country and how very sad we are. One worker sat down with my friend and I and offered us tea and candy while we chatted. It was very kind of them and I take that gesture as a sign of our camaraderie.  I've always wanted them to know we consider ourselves part of their team and only desire to be a blessing and help to them. Then a bit later I asked permission to take some photos since I will be leaving forever. I didn't want to get my hopes up knowing that usually it is not allowed.

They. said. YES!

My heart was pounding while I raced to get my camera out. I could hardly believe it. I would finally be able to capture the faces of these darling babies and remember them in my heart forever. Now you can finally look into the eyes that have stolen my heart. May you be touched forever by these images.

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