Friday, June 24, 2011

Vintage swimsuits

Vintage swimsuits are totally rad. Check out my relatives below sporting them in this old photo.

So I bought one for myself, after much deliberation. I found the perfect suit in Dubai, of all places actually. But for those of you who probably won't be skipping over to Dubai anytime soon, you can find vintage suits online.

I don't want to take a picture of myself in a swimsuit and post it online for the world to see, so I just found a similar one online to show you. I love my new swimsuit- and I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. I adore it because it has a cute little built in skirt that covers the front, but it's not quite like a real swim skirt. Plus it covers the "backside" completely, if you know what I mean. There's something about the style that flatters my shape- and I really appreciate that because I do not have a model body at all, I have a mom body. If you are pear-shaped like me, this type of vintage swimsuit is perfect. I love love love it.

Let's burn all the bikinis in the world and put modest swimsuits in stock instead. Maybe we could start taking into consideration the purity of men and at least attempt to help them not struggle with lust. You know some guys out there really don't want to think wrong thoughts about you girls? Some men who are fathers and husbands want to keep their minds pure. Let's help them out, shall we?


  1. Well said, Casey! I love the old forties and fifties movies that have swimming scenes. The actresses always have on the cutest suits. They are modest, flattering, and fun. I wish stores still stocked such things today.

  2. i bought almost the exact same swimming suit like 2 months ago!!!! Mine is all red and white polka dots, no white straps/bow. haha!!!!

  3. Your swimsuit is sooo cute! And you rocked it! I can't believe how buff gramps is in the pic!!

  4. Cute! I just recently bought a tankini top that has spaghetti straps and these cute bottoms from lands end. I absolutely love this little skirt thingy.