Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another dreamy photoshoot

Is this really my life? I get to photograph my friends and their beautiful families for my side job. I wouldn't even call it a side job... I prefer "hobby with benefits" :)

I'm only uploading one picture. Mostly because the internet where we are staying is very slow. But also because I think this picture is my favorite from the photoshoot. Why?

It tells a story.

What can you see from this picture? Well obviously, kids will be kids. The girls are doin' their own thang chillin' out and being themselves. Completely oblivious to my presence and totally immersed in their own toddler lives. I actually prefer pictures of toddlers looking away from the camera because it captures their true unedited personalities.What else can you see? Daddy loves mommy. He adores her in fact. And mommy? Can't you see her glow? She's loved- you can tell.

And this my friends, is how a family should be. A picture of Father's love for all of us. He loves us unconditionally, through thick and thin, when we're smiling for the camera or not. He sees our hurts and pains along with our joys and victories, and yet His love never fails, never changes, never ends.

I hope this marks just the beginning of my photography career. I have no clue where it will take me. Maybe it will continue just like this- taking simple photos of my friends, describing our lives in this city across the ocean. But, even if nothing changes, I will still be just as passionate about my clients as I am now. I love people. I love taking pictures. Let's marry those two loves, shall we?

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  1. It's beautiful, Casey! Keep it up!