Monday, May 2, 2011

Photo shoot winner!

My dear friends, I apologize for my delayed absence. I went away on a wonderful ladies retreat this past weekend. The week before leading up to the trip.... crazy busy + no free time = no blogging.

But have no fear, I have returned! And with a NEW camera in hand! The Canon Rebel T2i has has been warmly welcomed into the family. I've considered the fact that this camera feels like a second child. I think my daughter is going to start believing the camera is one of my permanent appendages. I am beyond happy about the arrival of my new toy!

Which brings me to the purpose of this post... I randomly drew a name from all the entries who participated in my photo shoot contest Easter weekend. I asked contestants to comment on my blog with funny stories of when they were young or of their own children. I chuckled to myself reading all your hilarious mishaps and funny stories! Thank you all for participating!

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for. In honor of the arrival of my new child ... ehem... camera, I am giving away a free photo shoot for this special person. I will go with their family anywhere they want in town, do a fun and creative photo shoot, then make a CD of edited pictures for FREE!

Are you ready?

The winner is...


Here is Gillian's funny story...

Three year olds!!
Beth's posting is a little like an incident with my nephew. When he was three he asked my sister to get something for him. My sister told him she was busy ironing and suggested he get it himself. He replied, "But I'm busy sitting here!" ... Anyway, my most recent chuckle was with my three year old when we were discussing the possible addition of a child to our family. She informed us she wants a brother whose a girl. We're open to special needs but maybe not that special! :-)

Thank you for participating Gillian! Contact me soon to schedule your photo shoot :)

And now I will leave you with some photos and a short video I took with my new camera. I am in camera heaven. Literally.


  1. I love the pictures! Your family is--prepare yourself for cheesiness--"picture perfect". Praise the Lord! :)

  2. I didn't see this until today! I am SURE that you are in camera heaven! Missing you a lot but loving reading your postings and seeing you and miss Sitora as you have fun taking pictures and videos of her and having all sorts of fun with her hair! Thought of you yesterday when I was shopping with my mom. All these flower clips being sold everywhere but I finally found some that I could afford and that were my style at wal-mart! I'll try to make cute hair-dos with them and I'm sure I'll think of you the whole time I'm doing it! Love and miss you