Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crown braid hairstyle

I love trying new hairstyles on my daughter. She's used to it- so I figure I might as well continue :) She sits still for me if I let her watch a movie on my iphone or play games on it. When she squeals because it hurts I reassure her it's almost over and she settles down. I love taking pictures of the final product, but I hate videoing the "how-to" stuff... so I embedded a tutorial from youtube I found.

I hope you are able to try this on your little sweetheart (or yourself, or another sweet girl in your life!) It's perfect for flower girls at a wedding- you could add a crown of flowers or ribbon on the top to perfect the style for a fancy occasion. I secured the end of Sitora's braid with an elastic, then two cute hair clips on top of her head.

My little princess- how I adore her! Today I went to my favorite photo store to print pictures and I brought her along. The workers loved her so much that they requested to take her picture for promotional purposes. I agreed. When I returned 4 hours later, there she was on the wall already! Little model :)

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