Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hair tutorial- Heidi Braids

This post shows you how to make "Heidi Braids" in your hair! Some may think it's cheesy and little-kidish, but I loooove braids. Plus I dig a hairdo that doesn't involve heat or product. I braided my hair about 10 minutes after the shower, so it was a piece of cake. (Plus, when I take the braids out tomorrow I'll have great natural waves for the day!)

Visit this blog for the pic by pic tutorial: click here

I parted my hair on the side and started a french braid. She did regular braids. Either works fine, it's just a matter of personal preference :)

I also put a flower clip on the side because, well, flowers are basically my permanent accessory these days. Can't go without ;) (Well I can, I just chose not to.)

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