Thursday, April 21, 2011

Enter to win a free photoshoot!

Don't we all love free stuff? I sure do. Although any contest I enter I never win. So I figure I'll make someone else's day by offering something free instead, how 'bout that? (Although I did win a Clifford the dog toy in third grade... that was pretty awesome.)

What's the contest?

The prize is a free photo shoot with yours truly in honor of my neewwww camera coming in a few weeks! I will then give you a CD of the edited pictures for you to use however you please at no cost!

This photo shoot can be for a family, senior portraits, maternity portraits... the possibilities are endless!

Obviously this contest is open only to my Baku friends since I will not be in America until this fall. Stay tuned later this summer as I will open up a similar contest for my American friends for our visit home!

How to enter?

Comment below with a funny story of your children or a funny story about yourself when you were a child. If you can't figure out how to comment on my blog, you can comment on my facebook. Easy as pie! All entries must be completed by the end of the day on Easter - that gives you three days :)

If you need some inspiration, here are some funny pics of my little princess today. While I was folding the laundry she decided to put on three pairs of underwear. I guess that's equal to one diaper? :)

And here she is wearing my lipstick. Poor girl, she wants to wear makeup so badly. We've found her crouched in the corner of the living room twice this past week with my summer pink lipstick plastered on her face. She climbs onto my dresser and finds it in my makeup bag. Crazy kid! Don't worry honey, before you know it you'll be grown up wearing makeup wishing you could go back to being a little girl without a care in the world. Don't grow up too fast my sweet darling :)

And this was taken by SuperDan the other day...

Alright my dear Baku friends- let the contest begin!


  1. When I was a young lad of just eight, I wondered if my tongue really would stick to a metal surface in winter. I decided to test this on the monkey bars at a nearby playground. To my surprise, my tongue really did stick! unfortunately the injury that resulted when I pulled my tongue off prevented me from eating much the rest of the day.
    -Caleb Gilboy

  2. When Loren was in first grade he had to come up with an invention and bring it to school. He decided it was tedious to always put on and take off both your back pack and jacket each day so he created a jacket and back pack in one. Just imagine the collective time savings! He had his mother sew them together and he wore it to school... he even named it the "jack-pack". Overtime he became aware of the drawbacks of always having to wear a jacket with your backpack (say in summer) or having to wear your backpack if you just wanted a jacket (say to church). -hehe

    Jessica for the Darlings

  3. Given the weekend that I'm writing, I'll go with a spiritual theme.

    When Sophie, now 10, was only a sweet 2 year-old we were teaching her to pray for others. But given her age, she sometimes need a little prodding by her dad to keep reminding her of people to lift up. She must have been really stuck, because he whispered, "...and help Grandma and Grandpa..." and Sophie, deadpan, popped her eyes open, looked at him and said, "YOU help Grandma and Grandpa. I'M praying!" It should have been an early indication that we'd been given a girl who knew her own mind and wasn't afraid to speak it!

    Beth for the Cooks

  4. Nate and the girls often play out Bible stories. Its one of anna's favorite things to do. One day, we were "playing" the nativity scene. Anna went up to me and said "I'm Mary, Daddy is Joseph and you are the angel" So I asked her, "Well, who can Luci be?" and she thought about it and then said "Luci can be King Herod" (which perhaps was a compliment to Luci since Anna loved Nicolas' role in the Christmas drama- but nonetheless, it was humerous)
    Wendy for the Pennings

  5. When William was about 2 and Robby was a newborn, our extended family gathered and we had a family photo-shoot. The photographer was trying to get a good shot of our little newborn and finally decided that Bill could hold him and he'd do a close up. The photographer said, "Okay, we'll get this shot and I'll just cut Daddy's head off." I didn't think anything of it because it was in context, but William refused to smile for any more pictures. When I asked him what was wrong, he said, really seriously, "I don't want that man to cut my Daddy's head off."

  6. where to start. My son has been a bundle of joy to raise so far and a complete headache because he thinks so much faster than I do. So, it started when he was a wee one and he decided early on that his poop was actually paint. Every time he "silently" pooped his pants he would paint the walls with it. This happened so frequently that we truly washed the paint off the walls and then had to repaint with a more durable washable paint. Once he graduated from his "brown paint" he moved on to more colors like blue for instance. Somehow on Christmas Eve, mind you I was a Director of Christian Education (Youth Pastor) in a church and this was a BUSY night for 30 minutes before we are to leave for church, my son had rigged a way to climb up his closet and get a small...really tiny bottle of blue paint that was part of a project we had received to do with him. With this bottle he paints his beige carpet, yellow walls, his arms, legs and face royal blue. That was a joyful Jesus focused Christmas Eve. Well here we are, he is now 10 and those musings as a small child all should have been pointing us to his artistic side. He is incredibly artistic and has been blessed by God in that area. If only I'd known that was the prerequisite to his artistic career I could have found it more humurous then.

  7. When I was about 3 or 4 on a forest trip,I watched my brother peeing and decided I wanted to do it that way too.Now I was not sure how to do it but I copied him and it didn't work out that well...