Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The things she says

Okay, I don't know if it's just me, but my child is really funny. She's hilarious actually. The things she says just crack me up! I have got to jot down her humorous phrases before I forget them.

  • While snuggling before bedtime Sitora giggled, looked up at me and said, "Oh mommy, you are so cute! Happy birthday to you!"
  • SuperDan was tickling and wrestling her and finally she said, "Okay Daddy, that's enough. Stop hurting me legs."
  • During arts and crafts time the other day Sitora mentioned how she missed her best friend Titus (he's gone to America). I then asked her what she wanted to draw with markers and she replied, "I want to draw Titus dying on the cross."
  • While reading the bible story to her about Father's Son feeding the 5,000 people, Sitora pointed to the baskets of leftover bread and asked, "What is that, mom?" I told her it was bread. She shook her head and replied, "No, mom. That's money. He is taking the money."
  • After going on a family date to the new mall in town, we asked her to recollect what we'd done together. She stated, "I ate popcorn. I ate ice cream. And I ate water."
  • Whenever we ask her a question that requires a bit of thought, Sitora will put her head in her hands, tap her finger on her cheek, and look up toward the ceiling while saying, "Hmmmm, let me think..."
  • She's starting to use the word "actually" in the right context these days! I'll say something like, "It's time for lunch, let's have some soup!" and she replies, "Actually, I want some candy."
  • Whenever I ask her to pray for something specific, instead of asking for Father to help in that certain situation, she'll just thank Him for it. For example our friend's baby in the states is in the hospital. Every day I remind her to pray for baby Oliveah who is sick in the hospital, so she bows her head, closes her eyes and says, "Dear Father, thank for you baby Oliveah, AMEN!"
  • Whenever youth group students come over, she exclaims, "MY FRIENDS!!"
  • She remembers names ridiculously well. We'll ask specific questions like, "Who is Nathan's mom? Who is Peter's wife?" and she can name the person exactly. She'll remember people we haven't seen in forever, and she'll just randomly mention their names. Sometimes I take that as a sign that we should pray for that person, so we do it together. 
  • Instead of saying "me" she usually says, "me my baby" referring to herself. For example she'll say, "Mommy, hold me my baby!"
  • Since Sitora can vividly remember Christmas, her birthday, then Valentine's day all in a row the past few months, she is convinced she should receive presents on a regular basis. About once a week I hear, "Mom, I need some more presents. Where are my presents?" On top of that, one of her favorite books is a Christmas book called, "If you take a mouse to the movies", so she is constantly reminded of Christmas trees and snowmen. She often asks, "Where's our Christmas tree, mom?"
  • Sitora remembers the basic gist of how her books go. She will sit in her bed and "read" her books to herself, and generally she says the right things on each page. It's crazy how smart kids are and how quickly they learn and remember things!
  •  Sitora does a good job of letting me know when she peed on something (we often let her run around commando to help with potty training). "Mom, I peed over there."
  • Last but not least, she says "need" instead of want all the time now. It's really quite funny. My favorite, of course, is "Mom, I need some coffee!" She really likes coffee, no joke. She'd drink the whole mug full if I let her, but of course, being the good mother than I am, that would never happen. Maybe when she's in junior high or something. What can I say, my blog name is Java Mamma after all, isn't it?  :)

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  1. Haha, I love these. "Actually" is my favorite. Luke uses it all the time too.