Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hey birdie, want some coffee?

The other night I was putting Sitora to bed. We were snuggling together talking about prayer requests (she likes to name off all her family and friends during this time). All of a sudden she remarked, "J-sus is crying."

"Oh really? Why?" I asked. I imagined she'd reply with some remarkable statement like, "Because of the orphans" or something like that.

She answered, "Because J-sus is spanking God." (I think she's mixing up who's Father and who's Son!)

I almost choked. She went on to say, "Ya. And J-sus went pee-pee in the potty! Good job J-sus! And he went to McDonalds, and he saw Titus."

Hmmmm... J-sus' life sounds a bit like a little munkin I know?

Sitora's thoughts always spill out like a knocked over box of cheerios most days. She's talking about one thing, and before you know it she spins 180 degrees in the opposite direction off on some crazy tangent. Her mind is constantly racing. This child is waaaay smart.

She furrows her brow and asks detailed questions like, "Why is that man walking over there?" or "Why are you sad, Mommy?" or "Where did the moon go?" - (during the day)

Today we were playing "restaurant" while swimming in the pool (we are out of the country, in case you wondered). Sitora was pushing imaginary buttons and making me "food". She "handed" me a cheeseburger and ice cream when all of a sudden a bird flew overhead. She pointed her head to the sky and belted out with all her might, "Hey BIRDIE! Do you want some coffee?"

This girl is gonna be quite the hostess someday, I just know it!

I wonder what this princess will be saying next year? Crazy.

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