Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Einstein's childhood

Sometimes I think to myself, "Hey self, you should write a book." And then I wonder what in the world the book would be about? You see, I don't think I could really keep it to just one main topic. You know, like, "How to be a better wife in 30 days" or "Your creativity- unleashed!" No. This mind is more of a gigantic boiling pot of jumbled ideas and passions. Maybe that's why I keep writing in this lil' blog o' mine. I can just write short little articles pertaining to whatever tripped a trigger for me that day. You know, something happens and I realize I'm way super passionate about something, so I type like crazy until I feel released from the threatening grip of emotions. Until the next day, then something else happens, and I'm off on some other completely random tangent. Like, who really writes about "hair how-to" articles one day, then pours their heart out about holding sick orphans the next day? Probably only me. Maybe I have a slight case of ADD, pertaining to whatever seems to be on my mind that particular day.

So today I realized something. My daughter is basically really smart. Like any other good mother on earth, I adore my child and think she's extraordinarily amazing in everything. But, seriously, sometimes her smartness level gives me reason to believe that's why we struggle from day to day. She can have almost a full-on intelligent disagreement about what she needs and why. She can almost completely express what she's feeling to me most days. She's really creative and wants to make and do things, not just sit on the floor and make towers with her wooden blocks over and over. She wants to draw circles and mix paint colors and count to 3 in the Azeri language while jumping off some ridiculously high ledge on the road. She asks me questions about her story bible and remembers specific characters and emotions. She always takes a few seconds to soak in her sad feelings when she sees the pictures of Father's son dying on the cross. She requests to read about Queen Esther and wonders why the whale ate Jonah. She wants to sing about how Father is the Good Shepherd and she prays for her friends and family members by name, even if she hasn't seen them in forever. She's really smart, and she's really stubborn. So I'm starting to piece this all together.

I think I need to figure out more creative outlets for her to learn and play. Like our house just isn't going to cut it all the time. I need to take her to some kind of group activity or play area on a regularly basis (not just the nursery on Sundays and random play-dates) where she can use her concrete thinking skills. This is no easy task in this country my friends, especially because of the price of anything kid related here. No normal Joe Smoe can afford it. I'll figure something out though. My sanity depends on it.

Didn't I read somewhere that Einstein had difficult school years? Like he failed 3rd grade or something ridiculous, because he was way too smart and was therefore bored and troublesome in the classroom? I'm not saying my child is a genius or anything. I'm just saying there's something to be learned here pertaining to smart children and a lack of good stimulation and challenge for their brains.

This also means I need to continue guarding my time and energy, so that I can properly focus on my daughter. I've been backing away from several things, but then I somehow manage to load other things on my plate at the same time.... so I have got to figure this "no" thing out.

I am supposed to go to the orphanage this Friday, but SuperDan has a previous commitment he almost forgot about at the same time, so that would mean Sitora would have to be babysat (which isn't a bad thing, but she's already been babysat this week). I'm saying "no" to my precious angels this week. She needs me, especially since I've been way too busy the past two weeks.

Speaking of... do I smell a vacation in the near future? Oh yes indeed. More details to come, if all goes as planned. Muhahahaha!!

Stay tuned my friends. I've got more random articles brewing in my brain so I'm sure you'll be hearing from me, like always, in the regular future. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this :)

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