Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bizarre Bazaar

Have you ever been to a foreign country and gone shopping?

It's quite the experience, let me tell you!

Our favorite bazaar here comes with cheap piroshkies (fried bread with meat or potatoes in the middle), great deals, little to no changing rooms, crowded hallways, no windows, odd smells, cute scarfs, and lots of laughs!

I can often talk the shop sellers into bringing down their prices a bit- which is awesome. Can you imagine walking into the mall and asking the cashier to knock off the price a bit? I think not! When I lived in Cambodia I used to tell the shop keepers, "Big sister, I've lived here for almost a year and I know the prices. I'm not a tourist. Please let me have it for cheaper." (In the Cambodian language you call strangers who are women older than you "big sister"- I really liked it.) Here it's not as easy to bring the prices down, but at least it works sometimes :)

Once in a while we come across an amazing product that usually isn't found in this country. We found some Garnier Fructis hair gel- my FAVORITE! And they had some Mary Kay products, face masks, and hair dye.

But the best of all?

The DOLLAR store! (Well it's really the "manat" store because we use manat not dollars here.)

I found AMERICAN hairspray, American cleaning products, and more! Oh the joys. Simple things bring us happiness here, my friends. Simple things :)

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  1. How exciting! I never made it to that bazaar when we were there, but I'll definitely have to go when we get back. It sounds like your language learning is going really well!