Friday, December 3, 2010

Thank goodness it's Friday!

This past week...

Sitora may or may not have ripped the stuffing out of my good decorative pillow, creating a snowy white carpet upon the wooden floor (I knew she was too quiet for those 5 minutes I was in the other room...)

Sitora may or may not have put her Christmas stocking on the potty because it had to go "pee pee".

Sitora may or may not be able to sing on key pretty much all the time.

My husband may or may not have said that he needed a haircut because he looked like a "dunder-mufflin".

This mamma may or may not have read half of the book "Dare to Discipline" in one sitting while knocked dead from a nasty cold, during which Sitora watched Praise Baby movies.

There may or may not be white-out covering up the pen drawings on the wall thanks to "you know who".

I may or may not have danced to Christmas music around the living room while holding my baby girl in my arms like a newborn.

I may or may not have looked up tickets to America for January...


  1. Haha, you crack me up. I love how you are looking back at the day humorously (however that is spelled). I should do that. Today was a lot of hollering at my kids down the street at the park or wherever. I just need to chillax sometimes and remember they are just little munchkins in need of many hugs and kisses and cookies and such.