Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

I didn't go treat-or-treating the majority of my growing up years. We had harvest festivals with fun games and kid-friendly themed costumes.

But here, we don't have a harvest festival to go to on Halloween night.

My friend and I were planning on taking our toddlers to a nicer area of town where many foreigners live... a little treat-or-treat here, a little American candy there, sounds good to me!

Fail. It was absolutely freezing out. Rain, wind, cold cold cold. Can you picture 2 toddlers having fun outside in this kind of weather? I think not. Not to mention you wouldn't even be able to see their adorable costumes under their fluffy coats!

Then we brainstormed with our genius minds and came up with a brilliant scheme. Our apartment has doors, right?? Why not pretend each door/room is a "house" and have the children knock on those? Our husbands would answer the door dressed in different random costumes and give the children candy.

Epic success. The kids didn't even know what they were missing really. They had a blast and we did too! (Nice and warm inside.) Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, what a cuter couple could you ask for?

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  1. =) I love it! What a great idea!! That is too cute. I love how the dads went all out to make it special for the little ones.