Saturday, July 10, 2010

No more tears

Hello all my dear friends. I have left you with nothing for a very long time.

Every waking moment has been filled with fun and laughter, family and friends, nature and puppies, walking and talking, coffee and chocolate. Not much time for blogging.

It's been a month since we returned home for vacation. One month ago my heart dripped with tears not knowing how I would regain the strength to leave yet once again. But not today. Today my heart sings. I have been inspired, empowered, and encouraged to press on once I step back onto that plane. I have treasured every moment spent in my country and I will keep those treasures locked up inside my heart to keep me strong in the trialing times ahead.

Father has sent me gift after gift after blessed gift, showering me with love and laughter. I can't even begin to tell of all the ways He has proven his jealous love for my heart. I am His and He is mine. Together we are beautiful.

My dream is unfolding before my eyes. One of Father's merciful gifts was the camera I've been longing for. Now I can capture moments like these. Take a breath, wipe your tears, and drink in the beauty of life with me now.

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  1. sigh. my heart aches to see all of these little faces.