Saturday, July 17, 2010

My love

Tomorrow my love leaves the country. *Sigh*

I knew this decision would be hard. But it was one I made out of love for my family.

Originally I decided to stay in America longer than Danny so Sitora and I could spend more quality time with my family. I knew it would be worth it in the long run after being busy visiting people during our vacation. I knew we would need some serious "crash" time to just chill and be together one last time. I knew it would be hard to be apart from my love, but I didn't realize my heart would ache this badly. We've already been apart for almost 2 weeks and I feel horrible.

So my love leaves tomorrow and he will take my heart with him. I know I will enjoy every moment I have here and I'm trying to soak it all in one last time. But part of me cannot be happy. You see, when I wed my best friend 4 years ago, we two became one.

After 4 years of marriage I am more in love with my husband then ever. We've been through a lot together, maybe more than the average newlywed couple endures. Maybe because of it all we've grown even closer than we could have imagined otherwise.

He's my best friend and the love of my life. I tell him everything on my mind, all the time. He's my faithful listener. I could spend 24 hours a day with him with no break every day forever and still never get sick of him. I love how he makes me laugh, how he makes me feel secure and safe, how he makes me feel treasured and loved.

Not to mention that my husband is insanely attractive. I mean, really, am I seriously the luckiest girl on the planet or what?!

Until we are together again, my heart is broken. I love you.

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