Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A long time coming...

So, after years of downright stubborn refusal... I've started a blog.


Because I NEED to get my thoughts out. I journal with a real pen and paper regularly, but there's something healing and relieving about posting thoughts for the public eye. It's as if I sat down at a cute little café and drank coffee with you and told you everything I'm writing down at this very moment. Oh how I love fellowship, encouragement, seeing the smile of a friend - albeit even if its a cyber-smile :)

I guess what's on my mind most lately is loneliness. This business of living overseas can be very isolating to say the least. Don't get me wrong... I love my life here. Wouldn't change a thing. But, the friend factor is seriously lacking.

I've lived in many states and countries in my life, and each time I move I grieve leaving a deep and wonderful friendship behind. Even though I keep in contact with these dear friends, it can never be the same if you no longer live in the same city. It's hard when you can't actually share life with your friends.

I look back on all the friendships I've acquired over time and rejoice wholeheartedly for the way each and every friend has helped encourage and shape me. I wish I could keep every single one of them with me and take them everywhere I go. In one sense I do, in my heart, but I want them all with me for real.

I guess if anything, its teaching me to yearn for HIM.

If I had everything and everyone I wanted in life, then I would have no need for Him in my life. It teaches me to reach for Him, to fill those empty spots and hurts that people aren't able to fill.

I can't wait to spend eternity with Him, and all my besties in the world! For then we shall never be apart.

I dedicate this post to all my friends all over the globe. You have loved me at my best and my worst. You've cried with me, laughed with me, admonished me, comforted me, and accompanied me on this journey we call life.

To all my loves.


  1. Love and miss you, sweet friend. And so, so happy to see Sitora's sweet little face at the top of your page.


  2. I hear you Casey, moving around is not easy, even if you had everything you still would not be satisfied though... no one can fill that void but Him:)... being away from friends definitely enhances that feeling though. I like how you're treating your blog as though you're chatting with a friend at a coffee shop:), that's probably how I would do it if I had a blog. Bless you friend and may He fill you to overflowing:). Love, April

  3. I'll take a HOT CHOCOLATE, instead of coffee if that's o.k. with you. Good luck to you. Mom Coffing.

  4. Yay, I'm glad you started a blog! I'll enjoy hearing your thoughts! I remember sitting with you at the BCRC catching up on life, those were good times! I'm sure it's been harder since J&M left but I'm glad you have good friends there with you. And I'm sure you're getting excited about your trip home! I miss and love you! Julia

  5. Thanks for sharing your pictures & thoughts, frequent emails and attachments. I'm sorry we are such losers when it comes to staying in touch & reciprocating your thoughtfulness, but I just want you to know we do appreciate your efforts, we think about you guys often, we miss you, and we're excited to see you soon!

  6. Hey lady...lol...this almost made me cry. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant. Maybe it's because I know exactly what you are talking about. Going through that right now. I will remember to pray for you whenever I am feeling lonely. ~Elisa